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Business is full of elements you can't control. But there's even more that you CAN. That’s what the Mastermind is about. Get the clarity you crave, and master new skills around goal setting, habit development, organization and time management that will allow you and your team to scale to the Next Level.


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 A Mastermind Group is a group of people in a similar position that come together to share knowledge, learn new skills, and grow as a group.

Oftentimes an entrepreneur is one key insight or idea away from a major breakthrough. Issues as simple as keeping a toxic employee on staff, or delaying the implementation of a new strategy can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The Mastermind Group provides a consistent space for entrepreneurs to step away from their business and get a much more clear look into what’s actually going on. It's about being Deliberate.

The Mastermind Group offers peer accountability, and a continued meeting cadence to help entrepreneurs become better business owners and executives. A group will be comprised of 8-12 entrepreneurs. The end goal of the group is to make each person be the best they can be for their business and key stakeholders.


Learn to manage yourself in order to manage others. This will enable you to achieve leverage in your business, and increase buy-in among your team.

As a former business owner, I’m uniquely qualified to take people through this process. My greatest asset at Bikewagon was my team. They enabled me to leave for months at a time, even during our busiest seasons. We grew Bikewagon to 10M in revenue and later sold the company to a strategic partner.

Too often, entrepreneurs don’t figure this out, and are responsible for high turnover and stale growth. Many times needlessly shouldering too much of the burden in growing the business. Leaving their team on the sidelines with excess creative energy.

You are ONE IDEA away from major gains in your business.


Group Meetings (Virtual, on Zoom)

In our meetings, I’ll present about the topic, and we’ll work together as a small group to implement the principles we’re learning in the Online Training. We meet on Zoom for 90 minutes every other week for four months.

Online Learning Curriculum

We've developed a digital curriculum you can follow to maximize the time we have together on our group calls. There are 30-45 minutes of work to complete before our bi-weekly calls

Individual Calls

We’ll each have several peer calls with other members of the mastermind. I’ll also open up special zoom calls as needed to discuss certain topics where we feel we need a deeper dive.

Collaboration with past groups

I’ve run several cohorts before this one, and over the four months there will be opportunities to interact with past groups on special zoom calls that are open to everyone. This is an added benefit for those that finish the program.

 The cost of the group is $1,500

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What others are saying:

“Looking back, I can see real progress in my personal and business growth that I can trace back to Dale.  The tasks and reading assignments have opened my eyes, saved me time and brought new clarity to my business vision. Looking forward, I can see big jumps in my progress using the tools and contacts he has given me.  I highly recommend Dale and his coaching program.” – Hoyt, Financial Planner

“It has been great to dive into these ideas & actions with a group of like minded people. Each person brings their own experience & expertise to the group on how they have implemented what we’re studying. Being able to chat in a group setting as well as one on one coaching has been very helpful!” – Weston, Sales Professional

Dale’s mastermind offered me transformational information that I could apply right away to having a better work/life balance. He shows you how to effectively manage not only your time, but also your priorities. I highly recommend it to anyone that is being run by their business and wants to take back control.  – Carl, Entrepreneur


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Business is the vehicle each of us can use to fulfill our goals. Dale has  been successful in multiple businesses, including growing an e-commerce company to 10M in revenue, and being able to retire in his early 30's.

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A Proven Framework

The Mastermind follows a proven framework to help you accelerate the changes you need to help you win in business.

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The Right Mix

Learning isn't enough. It takes a Plan, Action and Follow-up. The Mastermind provides you with the elements you need to accelerate real change.

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A Professional Network

You'll network with capable and driven entrepreneurs, and have a shared journey that will offer insight, and shared accountability.

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